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I pray that you are given the bishop you so richly deserve, one who, in the words of Cardinal Basil Hume, simply comes to where people are and takes them to places they never dreamt of going.One of my favourite novels is Trollope’s The Warden.Indeed, the rejection of the ‘Anglican Covenant’ in England indicated that most people did not want a uniformity of view imposed on Anglicans, or the domination of one conscience by another one.This stand-off clearly cannot be resolved by political struggle over ‘Who is right?

Bishop of Sheffield: Joint statement by Archbishops of Canterbury and York Friday 24th March 2017 The Archbishops of Canterbury and York made this joint statement today on the recent events surrounding the nomination of Bishop Philip North as Bishop of Sheffield.

If Dr John is not reconsidered, this is a challenge that the Church in Wales has clearly failed.

Statement by Bishop David Wilbourne It has been the greatest privilege to be Assistant Bishop of Llandaff these past eight years, a diocese which serves the beating heart of South Wales, teaming with life and hope.

I therefore intend to finish my time as Assistant Bishop on Easter Day 2017, just before the Sacred Synod approves our new bishop.

I do so with the greatest gratitude for all the faithful parish priests and people here, whose marvellous ministry I am daily humbled by.

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