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When he was a child, his mother was a playwright, although she's now a painter.

His parents' encouragement led him to try acting at school.

And Kit just had all that."Harington is used to such effusiveness.

I wasn't obsessed with heroism and duty; I had a very cynical view of all that stuff."He admits he duly brought those old-fashioned virtues to his initial scenes on set.

He also gave Leighton what he thought was the appropriate accent: clipped, RP, the traditional period-drama approach.

Last year, he also shot Spooks: The Greater Good, a "high-octane" big-screen outing for the long-running BBC spy drama that's due in cinemas in May, plus a mockumentary for HBO in which he plays "an unbelievably thick tennis player.

I've never dipped my toe into comedy so I hope it will be funny to watch".

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As Jon Snow, fur-draped warrior of the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones, he's enjoyed four seasons of near-rabid idolatory, first from the source books' legions of fans, then from the wildly successful HBO series' huge global audience.

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