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The arm mounted cannon makes short work of the Elite infantry.The Banshee takes two direct hits and is destroyed. Ghost uses the suits in-built jetpack to tail attacking Banshees, destroying them with air-to-air missiles.Ghost turns to face the advancing Covenant for one last glance, and gives the voice command: "be human." The prototype suit explodes in a nuclear detonation, killing Ghost and all the surrounding Covenant in the process.As the evacuees rendezvous with a UNSC frigate in orbit of Algolis, Ghost's commanding officer reports that the Cole Protocol has been enforced, and that all navigational data and technology prototypes have been destroyed.Once installed, you will be able to play both Single Player and Multiplayer.

Three years later, the planet Algolis is under attack by the Covenant.

He redacts his previous request for Ghost's court-martial, listing him as MIA during heavy combat on Algolis and further stating that Ghost had demonstrated great conduct as a Marine and human being.

He then informs of their rendezvous with the UNSC The Heart of Midlothian. Three Years Later Planet Algolis UNSC Weapons Research Facility (T12A) A massive battle between the UNSC and the Covenant rages on.

Ghost then lands on the back of a Phantom and uses the recoilless rifle to blast a hole in the dropship's armor, destroying its control systems. Ghost sees more targets, three Elites armed with Fuel Rod Guns. The suit detonates in a huge nuclear explosion, engulfing the Covenant and the facility in its wake.

His Bubble Shield collapses as he uses the recoilless rifle to kill them. He has laid out the Marine into a more peaceful pose and placed a flower in her hands. He makes one final effort to move, allowing the suit to identify the remaining Covenant. The explosion can be seen from orbit, where the Sun rises.

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