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Over the last few days I’ve received a number of questions about IBR, and other income driven plans such as REPAYE and Pay As You Earn.It seems there is a ton of confusion about calculating income driven payments with spouses each have student loans.Even if the student loan debt isn't yours, a portion of your combined income will go toward paying it off.In many cases, especially marriages where only one spouse has student loan debt, this can create tension.Student Loan Debt Weighs on Couples Studies show that student loans are growing as a source of conflict for married couples and those who are thinking about getting hitched.According to The College Investor, disagreements over money and finances are the biggest cause of divorce in the United States--and student loan debt can play a big part in that.Your spouse's student loan debt does not affect your personal credit, or if your spouse dies, you are not obliged to pay off the loan.

Are you a newlywed or thinking about getting married?Not being fully satisfied with this answer, I then turned to google for further help based upon the information from my lender. Individual payments are then based upon the portion of debt in the name of that particular spouse.Eventually, I found the definitive answer in the form of the Code of Federal Regulations, specifically, 34 CFR 685.221(b)(2)(ii), which states that when calculating IBR payments: The Secretary adjusts the calculated monthly payment if—Both the borrower and borrower’s spouse have eligible loans and filed a joint Federal tax return, in which case the Secretary determines— (A) Each borrower’s percentage of the couple’s total eligible loan debt; (B) The adjusted monthly payment for each borrower by multiplying the calculated payment by the percentage determined in paragraph (b)(2)(ii)(A) of this section; and (C) If the borrower’s loans are held by multiple holders, the borrower’s adjusted monthly Direct Loan payment by multiplying the payment determined in paragraph (b)(2)(ii)(B) of this section by the percentage of the total outstanding principal amount of the borrower’s eligible loans that are Direct Loans; Similar language for PAYE can be found at 34 C. So if your wife has twice the student debt you do, if you both are on IBR, her payment will be double yours…This estimator does not account for spousal student debt, but does include spousal income.So if you estimate your payment, and then estimate your spouses, it is possible you will get a number double what you actually owe.

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Like any student loan issue, it starts with a call to the student loan servicer.

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