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Brooks points to online classifieds behemoth Craiglist for inspiration.

“Most people think it’s entirely free,” he says, “and it is—except for people who want to advertise jobs, and they make a lot of money from that.” For POF, this could mean finding ways to increase the number of users who upgrade to a paid account.

Frind says that for people under the age of 35, a whopping 90 per cent of POF’s visits now come from phones rather than web browsers: “Web is not something that really has a future.

Everything’s mobile.” Already Frind has almost everyone at POF updating and improving the mobile apps—while only a single developer still monitors the website.

Despite the dominance of mobile in terms of visits, Frind says up to 60 per cent of the company’s “tens of millions of EBITDA” still comes from its website.

In terms of advertising, “you’re selling stuff for five cents a click” on mobile, he says.

“Certainly,” he says, “it’s not equal to desktop yet.” And while overall revenue is hitting all-time highs, this year the number of people visiting the website began declining for the first time ever.

In fact, IAC’s free dating website, Ok Cupid, has caught up with POF on desktop according to web data firm Alexa (both are top-500 websites globally).

As a result, the CEO’s one-hour workday has given way to “half a day” of labour.Mark Brooks, one of the Internet dating industry’s few consultants, says that while Frind will never have the deep pockets of IAC, POF’s mobile numbers are promising.Now he just has to figure out how to make mobile visitors as valuable as its declining desktop ones.However, many dating sugar daddy sites are realizing the potential of this growing niche and are providing valuable services that serve the needs of these discerning men and women.While examining sugar baby or sugar daddy dating, it is essential to consider the calibre of members that a wealthy dating site attracts.

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For example, Zoosk, the top-grossing dating app (apps with the highest total revenue) on i Phone, charges users who want to send someone more than a single message.

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