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In the second round of today's show contestants had to guess animals with misleading names.

One couple Milsy and Catherine took their chances with sea cucumber while duo Al and Kitty from Southampton answered with horny toad – which led host Alexander Armstrong into a frenzy.

Of the four main characters, one is deceased and two others are outraged that the writer (while hiding behind fiction) has managed to trash what should have been a funny and sweet story with lewd sex and hurtful portrayals of life events we all shared.

Many people who have survived challenging, dysfunctional or criminal families build healthy families by surrounding themselves with supportive friends who can provide love and encouragement.You have read it, and you now have the right to react to it.You should express only your own reaction (don’t speak for others).Fans on the show were stunned at the programme's dirty talk on Twitter.Follow @Canoe Lifestyle SUBMIT your questions for Amy here.

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