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It's all too much and when we saw that bombshell Monica Belluci is on board, we just swooned.This Italian beauty is perfect for a role in the 007 franchise and we're not sure why she hasn't appeared before.Then wear with black skyscraper heels to nail that Bond girl look.

'She was so ugly', Pasquale says, pealing into laughter as they bring out 'Monica's first nude' aged 4 months.The supermodel's pictures - which Mr Bellucci insists have not been seen before - hang everywhere in the family home in the village of Selci Lama near Citta del Castello, Umbria where she grew up 'surrounded by love'.Stacks of VHS tapes of her interviews from all over the world stand next to the TV.In the video, she looks up at one of her partners and says, “Are you making a video? ” The phrases became a meme in Italy, trending on social media, and, according to a Naples website, Linea Press, appearing even on t-shirts and mobile phone cases sold in Naples.She was recognized and laughed at on the streets.“She suffered from all of it, everything she saw and heard, and especially from the lawsuit, because justice had not been done,” Cantone’s mother, Maria Teresa Cantone said in a televised interview.

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