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He says: "It is well enough for the people of this country to understand, once for all, that the reanon why there are so many bald-headed young men nowadays is the universal custom that prevails of shampooing the head with stimulating washes. Interest, paid al the rate uf 0 per cent., computed from the 1st and l&lh of each month, and If not withdrawn, compounds semi-anuuailj.

I shall merely ask you to enter into your own recognizances to come np for judgment if called upon; and noliody in the world will ever call upon you God forbid they ever should.'' A roii KEfpo NDEST of the Chicago 7'ri-fyune enters a protest against the practice shampooing.

The testimony showed that she bore patiently long continued provocation.

The strike t t wenty thousand coal producers iu mid winter wtuld Ik a public misfortune. At Chester, England, a woman was re cently tried for killing her husband.

I protest against the wicked folly that is ;ilniut to n the time, mean and hiood tf another (feneration 111 ritrht! Wait, without, a special legislation, till half a million black votes gt from Congress and the court, snch a construction of tlie Fourteenth amendment as the framers and the nation understood it to bear.

I protest against the national disgrace and crime of putting cate again into the statute book.

Father Chiniqi y, the French convert from Romanism, is said to have induced tweuty families to leave the Roman Catholic Church at Putnam, Connecticut.

At last in a moment of ungovernable irritation she threw a- sharpened steel at him, struck hmi. 1 he Judge l-elieved from the evidence that the con se-tpi nees of the act were deeply deplored by th wife, that he did all in her power to aid the man after wounding him. It is believed that a great strike is im-pe uding in the Lehigh coal region, on account of a proposed reduction of miners' wages. iit over again an iswie thai has been once fairly settled, and which it needs only the stern veto of earnest and determined men to put forever out of the reach of political treachery. That will at le&ttt save us from the legal concession of a principle which wiil create another South and arm another North aguiuyl her." A 4-real Nfribe Impfnili Mg. Fire and Marine Insurant Losses Promptly adaatd aad XPal A. Let &hamiooiug cease from this time forward." Pittsfitir Eli Ban K for Savings, No.

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