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Back to top ..a senior at Medfield High School, where she is active in the Theater Society, the Jazz Choir and Concert Choir.She is the vice-president of the Badminton Club, and is a member of the National Honor Society and the French Honor Society.

Moral of the story: The wealthiest students get the most scholarship money.Back to top What the College Board says about SAT exams: "It's fair to everyone." "The questions are rigorously researched and tested to make sure students from all backgrounds have an equal chance to do well." "Students who do well in the classroom are often the same ones who will do well on the SAT." The SAT tests are totally unfair to many students.Students from poor families don't do as well as students from wealth families because they can't afford expensive test prep classes.Despite the College Board's claims, these tests don't predict college performance.If they did, wouldn't females do better on the tests?

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