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I’v got to be straight up with you hear and reveal what really goes on inside the sexual online dating sites. YES there are But this question needs more explanation.First of all “sexy” is relative to your point of view – some women are sexy to some men and some are not.So attractiveness is relative Second: are women ACTIVELY searching for SEX and are they actually HOT?

Having said all that I still think that a real spiritual connection and love for another women is what you should really be looking for.

"This says I love you and want to be intimate, but not tonight." Be sure to follow through on the follow-up appointment.7. Discuss what turns you on—and what doesn't—as unnatural as it may feel. Queen, who suggests starting with, "There are things I think about, sexually, that I never mention." From there, a general "Can we talk about this more? During the act, "maneuver into position and make sounds of pleasure to encourage your partner toward a certain behavior," says Dr. "Men appreciate these nonverbal prompts." They also respond well to comments that are about you, rather than about him.

So instead of "do this," try, "When you do this, it's hot for me."8. This may sound utterly unromantic, but couples should talk about how to fit sex into their busy schedules. Block suggests deciding how much is mutually acceptable, and whether that includes quiet sex while visiting relatives and unexpected quickies.

You might be looking for that sort of thing but I would suggest you change your mind set or forever be the lonely guy who only gets 40 year old dating scraps left over from many a man.

Most young women are looking for something much deeper and relationship oriented.

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