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It should be noted that Volunteers with ASN starting with digit 6 would have been older than the average Volunteer and/or Draftee, inducted at the outbreak of World War 2!Sofar, I’ve come across quite a number of these particular Dog Tags (such as ASN 6047961, ASN 6142278, ASN 6282652, ASN 6546135, ASN 6614153, ASN 6714785, ASN 6800169, ASN 6954193, ASN 6999329, and also found numbers such as ASN 7000141, ASN 7002613 and ASN 7040347).Following blocks were assigned to men enlisted in the Regular Army on, or after July 1, 1940: All serial numbers start with digits 20, while the third digit indicates Corps Area or Service Command (i.e. The War Department allotted following blocks to members of National Guard units inducted into Federal Service.All serial numbers start with digit 3, followed by the second digit indicating Corps Area or Service Command.: due to the enormous increase in numbers of servicemen and women, the War Department was obliged to introduce additional blocks of numerals – furthermore some Service Commands inducted more than 1,000,000 men! This explains the introduction of series starting with digit 4. servicemen with ASN 42007894, ASN42076794, ASN 42084227, ASN 42143972 – first digit 4 pointed to a new series introduced for Draftees, while digit 2 indicated the man originated from the Second Service Command/Corps Area …and more Draftees with ASN 43017476 were found from Third Service Command …blood type (A B AB O), tetanus toxoid shot (T), and religious preference (C H P) are added 10 November 1941; name, street, city, and state address of person to be notified in case of emergency are to be indicated in the fifth line Figure illustrating a grouping belonging to Regular Army Serviceman Sergeant Jennings D. Included are his Monel Dog Tags held with a natural cotton cord holder, his US Army War Department, Medical Department Red Cross Identification Card (first pattern), as well as his laminated War Department Certificate of Identity to be Issued to Military and Civilian Protected Personnel (second pattern).in case of blood type AB which necessitates more space, prefix T is usually dropped and only numerals are retained or Tetanus Inoculation date simply takes over a following space; the same happens with extra long names of bearers Figure illustrating a Dog Tag belonging to Draftee Moore, Thomas W., ASN 34890315.

For Identification Tags, it should be noted that there were many changes due to temporary wartime shortages of strategic materials, involving production of these items in Monel, steel, and stainless steel. launched a new series of digits in January 1943 for Draftees starting with prefix 4, immediately followed by the second digit indicating Corps Area/Service Command; as a result of this, the Second Service Command received a new series starting from 42,000,000 46,999,999 …

’ Following a number of inquiries related to Identification Tags and with the purpose to help collectors & re-enactors complete their WW2 impressions correctly, we thought it might come in handy to say a few words about “Dog Tags” worn by Medical Personnel, e.g.

Army Nurse Corps – Hospital Dietitian – Physical Therapist – Contract Surgeon.

They all used specific prefixes and numerals on their Identification Tags, and while dealing with the subject, we thought some additional data on the subject of “Dog Tags” in general, would also be welcome …

20 December 1906 official stocklist number adopted in 1943. In 1942, the first tag is to be suspended on a necklace 25 inches in length, while the second tag is to be fixed to a separate necklace extension not further than 2 ½ inches under the first one – first models of tag holders were in cotton, plastic, nylon, rayon, the official “double-J” metal necklace was only introduced in 1943 (with hooks & catches) the bead type (initially sold at PXs) quickly became very popular and available in case of loss and gradually replaced the 1943 issue, it was made out of 2 lengths of stainless steel, of approximately respectively 28 inches and 6 inches in length, easy and practical for general use.

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