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I watched this shortly after reading the play for the first time to help my brother with an English paper. Frozen- I could take or leave the 3D animation, but I was happy to see a Disney princess movie where romance is not the main focus (I haven’t seen Brave, but I’m told it’s similar in that regard). Whether it was accurate or not I don’t know- but it all looked great and the performances were amazing! The Call- I rented this really late in the year even though I had wanted to see it in theaters. I really enjoyed seeing a thriller with women in the main roles. Prisoners- It was a little too long but I was still glued to the screen. The Paradise (seasons 1 and 2)- I had a few issues with this series (namely, the behavior of the lead characters at times) but I loved it all the same. Man of Steel- I was really looking forward to this because it looked really good in all the trailers. I didn’t have any problems with the acting, but I hated the storyline.I really enjoyed the play so I decided to watch the film and loved it! And the fight scenes were awful- got pretty redundant once the 50th building was destroyed. Olympus Has Fallen- I had no interest in this and only went to see it because my boyfriend wanted to.I think that the film could have benefited from about 10-20 extra minutes of run-time.A lot of the explanations and backstories are cut out.Any scenes from before that point are flashbacks, occasionally coming back to a scene in the “present” at Moor House.I remember reading about this choice before the film came out and being hesitant, but I thought it might come out better than I expected. The flashback structure was confusing for my friends who did not read the book. I get that they were trying to do something different, but it just didn’t work for me in practice.Reed do not have this accent, so I’m not sure where she picked it up from…) She actually looked small enough and close to the right age. I don’t want Jane to be over the top, but I wanted a little more passion.

I still have not seen Downton Abbey season 4 (waiting for the DVD release), in case you’re wondering why it’s not on any of the lists. Much Ado About Nothing- This was the 1993 version with Kenneth Branagh. Banks- I’m not a big Mary Poppins fan or anything but I loved this movie!

The Characters Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre While the actress is not actually plain, I think they made her look the part well enough.

They had her use a Northern Accent, which I thought was an interesting choice (however, John and Mrs. In the proposal scene, in particular, I thought she held back too much.

I don’t know if anyone even reads this blog anymore, haha.

I don’t think I ever even made a favorites post for 2012…….

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As much as I love Jane Eyre, I do think think there’s such a thing as adaptation overload. Overall, my view on the film is that it is a disappointment.

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