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Take my word for it, the guy is yoga asana on wheels, and more.

My commitment is that when he teaches, I will learn. We are all doing our chatty thing during break on day two, and Dharma starts stretching.

It was not born of emphatic gestures or a raised voice. Given as a teaching, it swiftly took root within you, born from the experience of the teacher. Dharma Mittra is arguably the most accomplished yoga practitioner alive.

Nobody we know has equaled his physical conditioning, as clearly reflected in the breadth of his asana work.

He told us we each had a part of God, “smaller than an atom”, located on the right side of our hearts.

And baby let me tell you, when he said those words, they took life. Sri Dharma Mittra spoke those words with a conviction you just never see.

That when I am assimilating events and excitement around me by constituting myself as a source of love, my yoga is perfect.

ttorney George Gascón announced that Damir Shalako, age 30 of San Francisco, was found guilty of five felonies including two counts of rape by force or violence, one count of sexual penetration by a foreign object with force or violence, burglary with intent to commit rape, and first degree residential robbery with enhancements for committing these offenses during the commission of a burglary. “This is absolutely horrific conduct that has no place in our society,” said District Attorney George Gascón.

The victim asked Shalako if her neighbor was home and he said that she was in her room.

The Defendant went into the victim’s bedroom and said, “Come in the bedroom, I want to show you something.” The victim walked towards the bedroom but stayed in the hallway.

The Defendant asked the victim to “sit here” and motioned towards the bed.

(That imaginary phone has Face Time.) “Keep Yamas and Niyamas. He mentions that a lot) he runs two Manhattan studios and gives more than two classes a day.

He embodies devotion and love of the divine force in all beings like a Japanese Whaling Boat Captain embodies lust, greed and blind, insatiable hunger. Asked by magic phone what I should do regarding recent events and stories in the yoga world, Dharma would remind me of Karma.

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