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She was our first customer after launching and she was extremely supportive – she is the one that showed it to Adwoa.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but when Adwoa contacted us I didn't really know who she was - I’m not very good at keeping track of celebs or names in general but my best friend who is a fashion journalist told me what she was doing with “Gurls Talk” and women empowerment so it made complete sense that she had one. They asked me to just make a pendant with his name it so I drew his name then did a cut out on a silver sheet and adorned it with charms.

She is a super talented New York-based artist and we thought we should make some charms for fun. I honestly didn't think people would have such a positive reaction towards it.

I used to make cheap silly earrings covered in glitter out of Sculpey for my friends to buy.

Then in Bethnal Green, London, I bumped into an internship with a jeweller and she introduced me to jewellery design and making.

” We go behind the scenes at Tuza and talk to Atala about being inspired by 80s bands, making a broach for Fetty Wap and the popularity of the vagina charm. I also remember feeling like I could identify people by what they were wearing.

My dad is Lebanese and all his mates wore their shirts undone to show their chests, with these super shiny Lebanese cedre gold necklaces, almost as a way of having a recognition tag.

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