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Since I use i Tunes to sort my music into 130 playlists, I also added E:\My Music\i Tunes, perhaps ill-advisedly.

I found the new files, added them to my Winamp playlist and they seemed to play fine.

In E:\My Music, I usually save files as "Artist - Title.mp3", though the file in that alert above has an especially convoluted path: Winamp must have created that wav file, and I don't know why (i.e.

I don't know what I did to make Winamp create the file.

Hi the-ownage, You are making a lot of bad assumptions.

After restart, tracks "play" in Winamp at, like 50 times normal speed, and I get no audio (that's if I click the play button).

If I double-click a file in the playlist, I often get an alert from "Nullsoft Disk Writer v2.14" saying "File already exists. " Let me also say that my files are almost all mp3, not wav, and I don't save files like that.

Many users are content with guessing their way thru stuff.

That approach will not work well with Winamp and its many plugins.

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