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"People seek counseling for many different reasons.

Their desire to change their current situation could be a direct result of personal issues, enivronmental issues, relationship issues, and/or any other issues that places limitations on one's happiness.

Addiction doesn't happen in a vacuum and recovery should be available to all members of the family.

My role is to help that healing to happen.""Life is hard and it hurts.

We provide a variety of counseling techniques and interventions to individualize your therapy experience.""Our goal is to help YOU achieve yours. We enjoy helping to affect change in individuals and We look forward to working with you. Thompson-Fisher is also an approved Clinical Social Work supervisor.""Do depression, anxiety, stress, and difficulties with personal and professional relationships rob you of the pleasures of living?

We are a group of professionals with a wide variety of experience and expertise. I have a strong belief that each person has the potential for growth, healing and increasing Joy in life. This relationship is built on trust, authenticity, and sensitivity, with a strong emphasis on your goals and your healing.

My mission is to reach out to the 90% of troubled individuals who never receive care.

ARISE treats everyone with respect, integrity, love, and compassion. ARISE interventions: Gets 83% of addicted individuals to enter treatment Achieves 61% sobriety after one year.""I offer a reality-based approach to the problem of substance use disorders involving the entire family in the process.

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""I believe therapy should not last for endless months or years.

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