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5: Sex and Typography: From Russia With Love, 1963 In the early 1960s London emerged as a newly fashionable focus of activity for both design and film-making.Americans who were already established in both fields migrated there and simultaneously took advantage of and added to the flourishing creative scene.American talent or investment played an important role in a large part of post-war British film production.Alexander Walker has argued that in the mid 1950s, because of falling domestic audiences, British film-makers were forced to concentrate on foreign markets and had become ‘more akin to exporters than producers’.Alan Fletcher, a British designer who was working in the United States in the late 1950s, returned to London at around the same time as American designers such as Bob Gill and Lou Klein were arriving.Fletcher suggests, ‘A lot of the designers came to England because it was like virgin territory.Small British studios had been making movies from the earliest days of commercial film production.

The dissertation focuses on the relationship between graphic design and film in the middle of the past century.

It was beginning here, there was a romance.’ Charles Rosner reported in Graphis of November 1960 that, ‘The reputation of British design as a whole was considerably enhanced in the summer of 1960 when the British Exhibition was held New York’, and went on to cite soaring advertising expenditure and a ‘rapidly growing public interest in the visual arts’ as factors behind this improvement.

Throughout the 1950s British advertising budgets had grown in line with disposable income, consumer spending had increased and new potential new markets were being identified and exploited.

Cain observed that as well as lower rents and wages these directors might have been attracted to Britain by the skill of her technicians.

Arguing that British crews were ‘put through the mill’, Cain suggested that, unused to working with large budgets, he and his colleagues would exert themselves to produce effective images at the lowest possible cost.

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