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The Book Club's "Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life" may not have radically transformed this lovelorn Londonista's world - there were a few sparks but no earth-shattering moments of romantic revelation - but it successfully Changed My Attitude to speed dating.It was not uncommon in the early days of speed dating to find the female daters clustered together in the loos, bonding over a shared despair at the lack of social graces displayed by their male counterparts.

Anxious to try out this 21st-century method of merging reading and romance, I gate-crashed a literary speed-dating event hosted by the London School of Economics' Student Union Literary Society as part of the LSE's Literary Festival.As you stare he looks up, catches your eye and smiles – he asks for your number...Browsing in a bookshop you reach out to pick up a book; so does the person standing next to you. He catches your eye and smiles – he asks if you would like to go for coffee... Which is why Literary speed-dating is such an exciting prospect for a bookish single.All he told her was that he didn't have time for a relationship right now, and poof..was over.Now Holly is on the rebound, and her two best friends, Madison "Mads" and Lina, are on a quest to set her up with Mr. So they organize a Speed Dating Party - a time when fifteen girls meet fifteen guys for six minutes each, and get the chance to see if they'll meet the guy - or girl - of their dreams. But his romantic recitation of cheesy lines leave her wondering if Eli is who he says he is, or if he's wearing a mask to conceal his true personality.

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The Book Club has already established itself as the go-to venue for edgy, creative types looking for a dash of art, current affairs or philosophy to go with their Shoreditch Twats (that's a cocktail, not a local).

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