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In addition to the fact that these people can speak more than one language, according to Mc Dermott, they also tend to be "more meticulous about crafting an accurate and enticing picture of themselves." In other words, the more details, the better your chances."Past research tells us that the time and effort someone spends on their profile is a strong indicator of their chance of forming a successful relationship on our site," says Mc Dermott.While it might help you in the online dating world, there are so many reasons to learn another language besides trying to find a partner.And, by far, bilinguals are more desirable, especially to Americans.But this isn’t the first time a study revealed that Americans have a thing for bilinguals.Men who speak Russian get the least amount of messages. The survey found that bilingual women who speak Dutch get the most messages.Coming in second and third place, respectively, are women who speak Arabic and Swedish.As someone who travels quite a bit and tends to find herself in the bed, er, I mean of foreigners, I can attest to this fact being absolutely true tenfold.Plenty Of Fish looked at over 50 million sent messages in January 2017 and surveyed 325 single Americans to come up with the results.

When yet another romantic relationship came “burning down in a spectacular fashion,” Amy Webb sought the advice of her friends and family, including her grandmother. True love will find you when you least expect it,’” Webb recalls in her TED Talk.

Women who speak Italian get the least amount of messages — I am beyond shocked with this one.

Italian is a gorgeously romantic language that rolls off the tongue like a fine chianti!

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the United States is one of the least multilingual countries in the world, with only 13.8 percent of us being able to speak more than one language, coming in third place behind the UK and Canada.

So if you’re bilingual and put that in your dating profile, you may get more messages than those who are not.

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