Jackson rathbone dating ashley

Perhaps the couple wanted to wait until after they were working together to begin a relationship.

Especially when it’s a young actor without a strong foundation, without history, without a body of work to sustain him through the sh-t times.

Which is why a couple of them, after several weeks of being ordered to stay undercover, were wide open and accessible for papping yesterday during their final days of production. Full Story At least until The Last Airbender has been purged.

Full Story Kellan Lutz arrived in Vancouver last night to get to work on Twilight. I am a fickle bitch, as you know, especially when it comes to quiver.

He’s a westie called Bolt and he was dropped off to Jacek yesterday, totally freaked out and feeling abandoned by his owners. One of my pet peeves in life: Cash Bar At A Wedding.

Which is why he promptly had a pee and two sh-ts on our carpet.

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Full Story Like I said earlier, Twilight Eclipse is the best comedy so far of the summer.

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