Dating for men rhyme

It’s because they think they can get through life on their looks alone, so they don’t feel the need to try very hard in other areas.

Thus, you end up with a dead-end convo, where he gives you nothing to go off of, like this one: If you find a guy who goes along with your weird questions and defies your expectations in his responses, you know you’re having a convo worth revisiting.

I don’t have documented evidence of this guy because, well, he ghosted me, and I deleted the conversation, so I’d never have to get sad by looking at it again.

This guy is probably really cute because I have a theory that a lot of super cute guys are kind of lame.

You could try something like “Javascript Gentleman”. This person must be fun.” So perhaps your name is Shawn and you’re into all things foodie. I’ve been doing this for a while now, but the first things I think to myself, “is his first name already famous?

You guys talk for hours, days or maybe even WEEKS, and you’ve already convinced yourself he’s the one.

Then, literally out of nowhere, he stops answering you, and you have to convince yourself he either died or lost his phone.

It’s a rare occurrence that I actually have a noteworthy conversation on a dating app.

But this guy was able to match my wit I like to open with spunky conversation starters, especially ones that rhyme. It’s the writer in me.)Clearly, this guy didn’t disappoint.

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