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In a study on jealousy, Japanese men ranked the least jealous and Brazilian men ranked as the most.In a study on friendship Japanese ranked their “best friend” as being closer to them than “a lover.” A study of women in Europe, Japan and the Philippines asked them to fill out forms that measured their experiences of passionate love.It has traditionally been considered taboo to touch the nape of a girl's neck.

The woman played along but later politely rebuffed him, when attention was not focused on them.

"these people never give a thought to how others feel, the people who have to see them do it." A housewife echoed these sentiments in the Yomiuri Shimbun: "These young people have lost their sense of shame. If we lose that, we're no different from animals." A Japanese educator told the Washington Post, "kissing in public is less shocking nowadays than it would have been, say, 40 years ago. Of those who said yes more than half said they were embarrassed when they did it.

A 27-year-old career woman told the Washington Post that kissing on a street corner seemed to be "a natural beautiful thing" but when asked if she had ever done it she replied: "No comment." Dating in the Western sense of the word wasn't really practiced in Japan until 1950s.

When asked why Japanese don’t t really express their love verbally a Japanese teacher wrote in the Daily Yomiuri, “Well, we would not say such a thing because it is something we should feel intuitively rather than express verbally.

Once we say it, it sounds rather cheap.” But despite this Japanese television dramas are full couples confessing their love.

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Even families rarely touch, hug or display physical affection in public.

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