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Even with a sturdy protection case, the i Phone is still susceptible to taking damage when hitting the ground. Dropping it on a regular basis will affect internal components and result in any of the problems we’ve already listed.

Steam can either cause wear-and-tear to the design or seep into the device and convert into water, possibly short-circuiting hardware.

Overheating is another issue since steam can inflame the surface your phone is laid out on.

But updating your i Phone can be the radical solution that prevents your device from crashing frequently or running slow.

Not to mention the latest round of i OS features tend to improve system performance and security.

Do you really need Chrome, Facetime, i Message, Instagram, Pandora, Snapchat, Trivia Crack, and Twitter all open at the same time? Keeping too many apps running in the background takes up RAM and can result in anything from freezing i OS to performance lag.

We’re all guilty of charging our smartphone overnight while sleeping.

Here’s the thing though: keeping it plugged in after 100% degrades your battery life.

Experts advise charging and discharging in small quantities, but if the urgency is there to wake up to a fully powered i Phone, consider dropping on the Belkin Conserve Socket.

It preserves juice by automatically turning off after a set time.

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However, it's not too late to save your i Phone from yourself.

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