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Leah herself says it best when she confides in a girlfriend that it’s as if a switch had been flipped, and it renders his character more of an idea of a threat than a legitimate one.

The moment when he sneaks into her bathroom and puts her toothbrush in his mouth just to experience the sensation of being near her should be deeply creepy, but it drew giggles at a late-night showing.

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First Clip To The Perfect Guy With Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy Posted by Wilson Morales August 27, 2015 Screen Gems has released a new trailer for the thriller The Perfect Guy, starring Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, and Michael Ealy.Ealy at least gets more to do here than Chestnut, whose main function is to return in the third act to stoically, heroically protect the woman he conveniently decides he loves again.His character is emblematic of what’s wrong with the entire movie, come to think of it: He looks great but there’s not much to him beneath the surface.(It’s vaguely Verhoevenish.) It features gorgeous actors in stylish settings with flattering lighting and fashionable clothing.Los Angeles shimmers in the daytime and glitters at night, and much of the action goes down in Lathan’s serene mid-century modern house in the hills (Silver Lake, probably) with floor-to-ceiling glass, minimalist furnishings and generous use of chunky Austin stone.which makes the few crazy moments stand out as unintentionally funny rather than cohesive parts of a whole.

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After two years together, Leah is ready to get married and start a family; Dave, who’s been surrounded by divorce his whole life, isn’t. Conveniently, though, she meets cute not once but twice with a super-handsome guy named Carter (Michael Ealy).

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